Walton Cumbria

Walton remains an unspoiled part of England and has a historic background as the course of Hadrian's Wall skirts the village to its south. In the past, Walton comprised two separate townships; Low Walton and High Walton. However Low Walton and High Walton have now combined to create a single area.

William Ford mentions Walton in his writing when travelling around the Lake District. He writes "the village of Walton, on the line of the wall, as its name denominates..." It is now believed that the name Walton comes from the settlement/farmstead of Wealas - native Celts described by the Anglo-Saxon speaking peoples. There is strong evidence that in many areas of England taken over by Germanic speaking settlers, the native British (Wealas) remained undisturbed, farming the same land they did when the Romans left.

Walton is now home of Florries on the Wall, Walton bunkhouse and cafe.


We have accommodation for sixteen guests. Our comfortable ensuite bunkrooms sleep a maximum of six per room.

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